Impact Campus is published each Tuesday in 10 000 copies across Québec City, 28 weeks a year. It is the most read francophone student newspaper in America.
Each week I developed illustrations, graphics and layouts for the newspaper, as well as ads for the print and the web. 
Cover Page Examples
Layout examples
Spread for a report on the 5 days for homelessness event.
Text : Jean-Frédéric Morreau
Photography : Danika Valade

Spread following the attacks in Paris.
Texts : Margaud Castadère-Ayçoberry, Alice Chiche, Paul Dubé, Vincent Lemelin, Jean-Frédéric Morreau
Photography : Alice Chiche
Carricature : Myriam Bouchard

Text : Isabelle Harton
Photography : Danika Valade

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